Client : Brompton

Project : Brompton Electric Campaign 2021

Agency : IPOS

Roles : Art Director | 3D Designer

The Brief

I was entrusted by ipos to art direct and present (alongside the managing director) a pitch to Brompton that would help elevate their range of electric bikes. Multiple routes were explored that focused on differentiating the electric bike from the other ranges the company has to offer.

The approach

The strategy for the pitch was to offer 2 solutions. The first  would stay true to the brands current look and feel as well as using their existing in-store equipment, but introduce a graphical language, that used colour, to signify the power of electric.
The  second would push the boundaries of what the brand was comfortable with, by creating an abstract cityscape in 3D software to show the versatility and craftsmanship of the bikes.

The outcome

The pitch was a success with the client signing up for an initial project  worth 5 figures. The relationship has continued to develop month by month with projects spanning over Europe and the U.S.