Client : Triumph

Project : Traction Launch

Agency : Neighbour

Roles : Designer | 3D Artist 

The Brief

Whilst at Neighbour I was part of a team that looked into the branding identity to compliment a new venture for the lingerie company, Triumph. The project explored all areas, from photography and packaging to in-store fixtures and P.O.S.

The approach

After working with the client we discovered the ideal user profile which led to the strategy we adopted to guide our design decisions. A fresh, minimal aesthetic that encouraged strength, energy and confidence was used to mirror the consumer’s personality as well as allowing the tech benefits of the product to stand out and be easily digested. All elements of the brand had underlying links to the idea of movement and rest.

The outcome

After pitching the direction with photography, 3D renders and print mock-ups the agency won the work which led to the idea being presented at sell-in events and allowing the range to be extended across multiple seasons.